2019 User Statistics & Demographics You Need to Know for Marketing on Reddit!

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At the end of 2018, Reddit had 330 million active users per month! As of today, there are around 1.2 million subreddit topics. Reddit is a large platform with a lot of resources and can be quite intimidating. Lucky for you, we’re here to break it down! Let’s discuss how Reddit can benefit your business, the latest statistics, what to track, and how to track them!

Ryazan, Russia – March 21, 2018 – Reddit mobile app on the display of tablet PC

First, you must ask yourself, is Reddit for me and my business?

Well, truly, to understand the effects of Reddit, we have to remember what Reddit truly is and what it is made for. Reddit is a website that allows people to share, discuss, and vote for a number of topics under the sun. Like it says above, there are 330 million users. It’s highly doubtful that they are all talking about the same thing. As a business, Reddit is the place to be for a reason no more than to get feedback. A business has the ability to create a subreddit, if it’s not already one, and begin to fuel discussion. The thing about Reddit is that’s what people are there to do; add insight. Reddit pretty much gives businesses free access to a number of threads and forums that communities have already created to help them figure out what can and cannot work with what they may originally had decided. In addition, just like other marketing tactics similar to using Reddit, there will always be “trolls” who try to throw off the analytics. However, Reddit provides a great place for businesses to at least start.

LONDON, UK – SEP 21, 2018: Man using the new Apple iPhone Xs with the immense OLED retina display and a12 bionic chip, looking over the app application Reddit news community app

2019 User Statistics

In the past 15 years, over 130 thousand communities have been formed. In terms of engagement, Reddit isn’t lacking there either. Redditors comment on the Reddit website around 2.8 million times per day, with 14 billion screen views per month! Since 2005, Reddit has made some extreme traction in terms of traffic and usage.

According to Alexa.com, Reddit is the 20th most viewed/searched for a website in the entire world. Although, when you look at its main demographic, that number is rising in the ranks.

In the United States, Reddit is the 6th most viewed website. Reddit users spend up to an average of 16 minutes per day on Reddit. This is almost double the time users spend on other top websites like Google (8:13), YouTube (8:53), and Facebook (9:31).

While users spend about 16 minutes browsing the various threads Reddit has to offer, they tend to bounce around to 10 or 11 different pages during their stay.

Source: pexels.com

2019 User Demographics

Now that we’ve kind of gone over how Reddit really enables businesses, let’s examine exactly who these Redditors actually are.

By way of usage by gender, Reddit is nowhere near equal in the United States. In fact, while the United States takes up over half of the total Reddit population, around 70% of that is male.

Countries such as the UK (8%) and Canada (6.4%) contain a grand total of about 15%; these are the next two highest usage countries.

The primary age group shouldn’t come as a surprise either. Just like most social media outlets, the younger generation dominates these demographics, as well. Users between ages 18-29 make up about 65% of the Reddit user demographic.

Reddit users are also very mobile. The percentage of videos viewed on mobile, rather than desktop, is about 70%. And when Reddit released its mobile app in 2016, 40% of all content that was viewed, was viewed through the app. This will help give your business and its marketing strategy a heads-up when you decide to start marketing to Reddit.

Ryazan, Russia – July 03, 2018: Sync for reddit icon in the list of mobile apps

Top 3 Tools for Measuring Analytics

Reddit is unlike your typical social media platforms. Evaluating Analytics is a bit more difficult due to the platform itself. However, there are plenty of tools you can use to help you establish a better understanding of how you can measure your outputs on Reddit. Here are our Top 3:

1. Snoop Snoo is a great tool! This is a free tool to measure user and subreddit analytics. This tool can tell you all about a user’s most popular comments (based on upvotes) as well as their worst. It can also dive into deeper data such as the activity timeline of a person, when they are most active, where & what threads are trending, and so much more! Although, this tends to be by individual users only.

2. SubredditStats.com is perfect for gaining more insight into the subreddit analytics. Subreddit Stats gives information such as the history of the subscribers over the years, engagement per day, and topic keywords used in the thread.

3. Reddit Insights is tremendously valuable. Reddit Insights will allow you to track a post in whatever subreddit you decide to use. It can track the posts in real time, viewing its performance. You can also track single users, viewing their comment, and posting history.

Keep in mind, these are our Top 3; there are numerous others that can help you track the right analytics and metrics for your marketing strategy on Reddit.

Source: Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

Reddit is useful and valuable asset to any marketing strategy. Reddit can be informative and insightful when it comes to receiving feedback on a product or service, good or bad! Given Reddits own statistics, it is a very powerful tool for businesses, if used strategically. You should familiarize yourself with Reddit before diving into a marketing strategy for your product or service. Once you find your way around, your business will only benefit from what Reddit has to offer!

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